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The Secret of Nimh Ring links pages devoted to The Secret of Nimh . Each page has a navigator aid that links to the next or previous page in the ring. My name is Steve Vanden-Eykel, and I am the proprietor and Ringmaster. (Man, I love how that sounds. Think I'll say it again: I am the Ringmaster! Mwahhh Haaaa Haaaa! Are you the Gatekeeper?) Webrings are a service provided by


My requirements are not strict. Nimh content and a page of reasonable quality is all that you need. I also will accept pages devoted to other Bluth films, but the standards for those pages will be higher. Nimh content improves your chances.

How do I Join?

The first step is to download the two images seen here onto your server.

You must download them first. Pages that link back to the images on this page will not be accepted. You may, however, feel free to substitute images of your own, if you have better ones (subject to approval, of course. No X-rated pics or non-Nimh pics, obviously).

The second step is to fill out the form below. After submitting it, you will be given a fragment of HTML to paste onto your own page, in whatever manner you find most appealing. You will receive an email containing the info you submitted.

The third step is to email me and ask to be added to the ring. Submitting the form does not automatically add you, it just puts you in the waiting queue. After I receive your email, I will check out your site to make sure the fragment is correctly installed, and that your page is acceptable. Remember, the HTML fragment must be installed on your page before I can add you! Then I will email you and tell you if you have been added to the ring. That's it!


feel free to make some adjustments

Secret of Nimh

This The Secret of Nimh Ring site owned by Steve Vanden-Eykel.

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